Sewer Camera Inspection

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A typical home inspection doesn’t examine the sewer because it is buried underground. If you are considering the purchase of an older home, having the sewer line inspected is a good idea.

A common problem for sewer lines is Tree roots. Roots can grow through small imperfections and cracks in the pipe and expand in the sewer line, wrapping around and grabbing on to other debris causing backup and additional damage to the sewer pipe. There are chemicals that can kill the tree’s roots, but if roots reappear, pipes may be damaged and require expensive repairs.

Safety 1st Home Inspection has partnered with one of the most successful plumbing businesses in the Knoxville area to perform sewer camera inspections for our clients.

If you are purchasing a home that is more than 20 years old, we recommend that our clients have a sewer camera inspection. The cost of a sewer camera inspection is minor compared to expensive repairs to your new home’s sewer line.

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