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The seller’s pre-listing inspection is designed to help the home seller understand the condition of the home they are about to list. This inspection can show the seller what the buyer’s home inspector will be looking for and what potential issues may need to be corrected prior to listing. While some sellers may not need this service, if you are uncertain about the condition of your home or you live in a competitive neighborhood, a home inspection may be a great idea. If nothing else, it can help you understand what kind of counteroffers and contingencies might be coming once your home is on the market.

It is always a good idea to use a professional real estate agent when selling a home. As a home inspector, I can tell you what is wrong with the house you are selling, but a real estate professional is trained to help you make decisions that will be the most beneficial for you. While there are some items that will not need to be taken care of before your house goes onto the market, a real estate agent can tell you what are “make-or-break” issues for buyers in your area. Their input can help you save money now and at closing.

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